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Edge Benchmarks

The Edge Benchmarks Are Divided Into Three Strategic Focus Areas


Community Value

Benchmarks 1-5 measure how libraries use services, programs, technologies and staff expertise to serve the community and library users, with a focus on digital inclusion efforts and how users value them.


Engaging the Community and Decision Makers

Benchmarks 6-8 measure the library’s position as a community partner and leader — emphasizing the library’s local outreach efforts to advance digital inclusion.


Organizational Management

Benchmarks 9-10 measure how the library’s management practices relate to its digital services and programs, focusing on staff participation, thought leadership and competencies.


Community Value

Benchmark 1

Digital Skills

  • 1.1 Classes or instruction on digital skills
  • 1.2 Individual help for digital services
  • 1.3 Access to digital tools
  • 1.4 Awareness of digital tools
  • 1.5 Content creation
Benchmark 2

Economic Opportunity

  • 2.1 Job skills, workforce development, entrepreneurship
Benchmark 3

Civic Engagement

  • 3.1 eGov, legal assistance, citizenship
Benchmark 4


  • 4.1 Early literacy, homework, lifelong learning
Benchmark 5


  • 5.1 Health and wellness

Engaging the Community and Decision Makers

Benchmark 6

Understanding Community Needs and Outcomes

  • 6.1 Community and user engagement
  • 6.2 Assessment
Benchmark 7


  • 7.1 Library thought leadership
Benchmark 8

Relationships with Community Leaders

  • 8.1 Outreach to community leaders and partners

Organizational Management

Benchmark 9

Technology Planning, Policies and Availability

  • 9.1 Technology planning
  • 9.2 Digital services and programs planning
  • 9.3 Technology management
  • 9.4 Digital services and program tracking
Benchmark 10

Staff Digital Expertise

  • 10.1 Staff digital knowledge
  • 10.2 Staff thought leadership and participation