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Completing Edge Assessments allows your library to clearly measure how its performance, strategies and resources compare to libraries across North America.


Interactive Assessment

The Edge Assessment is an online survey that helps libraries build a foundation of actionable performance data by responding to questions about their current resources, partnerships, staffing and strategies. The Edge Assessment interface has been refreshed for Edge 2.0 to provide a highly user-friendly, flexible and intuitive experience, including clear reminders of your library's progress and next steps.


Leave and Assign Notes

For each benchmark, indicator and question in the Edge Assessment, your team members can create and reference notes to help coordinate your efforts. Users can assign notes to the attention of their entire team or specific teammates, streamlining the process of taking the Assessment and making it easy to balance responsibilities among your team.


Dynamic Answer Key

For each of the Edge Assessment's questions, users can click on a question mark icon to reveal a detailed answer key, clarifying the significance of each possible response.

The Full Edge Cycle