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Equip your library to take a leading edge in the digital age.

Edge enables libraries to harness the power of data to make informed decisions, better serve their communities and clearly demonstrate their community leadership role.

Edge Strengthens Libraries

The Edge program guides libraries of all sizes to set measurable, strategic goals for digital inclusion and engage government and local leaders in meaningful conversations about 21st-century community needs.

The Edge Process

Edge libraries engage in four cyclical phases of preparation, assessment, comparison and action to establish and build on a solid framework for continuous, sustainable growth.



Ensure your team is ready to maximize its next cycle through the Edge process.

"Edge is designed to help your library plan and focus on what is best for the community you serve and plan how to get the biggest bang for your buck.”

Carol Darrow, Director
Barton County Library



Evaluate your library’s strategies, partnerships and resources to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

"Before Edge, we just didn’t have good data to say what we were doing and how it would be effective. Now we have a whole additional set of parameters to look at to see how we’re doing. And in a lot of cases we had the data and we weren’t looking at it in the right way or we’ve made some real simple changes to begin collecting the data."

Gretchen Pruett, Library Director
New Braunfels Public Library



Contextualize the results of your library's latest Edge Assessment using dynamic comparison reports.

“Edge allowed us to compare where we’re at with data from our peers, which we don’t often get the opportunity to do. Once we got prioritized and focused, it broke a big problem into more manageable pieces, which makes our work much easier.”

James White, IT Manager
Baker County Library



Create action plans and visual progress reports to expand and communicate your library’s community leadership role.

"Our Edge results caused a ripple effect on our library and our community. Our patrons are happy. They are seeing a much more positive and responsive staff who are accessible to them, and the staff is now able to engage in much more meaningful work."

Dr. Molly Kinney, Executive Director
Mifflin County Library

Discover how libraries of all sizes have successfully used Edge to advance key community outcomes.