Training Resources

The following resources were created to supplement the Edge training that guides libraries in using their results for planning, advocacy, and outreach activities to enhance as well as build technology services. 

Training Module: Assessing Your Community's Needs

Training Module: Building Public Access Technology Services

  • Participant Guide: a workbook to help follow along with the training webinar.
  • Technology Proficiency Checklist: Recommended technology proficiencies checklist created for Colorado Public Computer Center staff, partners, and volunteers
  • Technology Trainer Competencies: Outlines the skills and knowledge necessary for library staff to be effective technology trainers from the Colorado Public Computer Centers.
  • Core Competencies: Basic competencies for library staff from the Ohio Library Council
  • Additional Links: including the WebJunction Competency Index and TechSoup Spotlights on staffing

Training Module: Fostering Your Library Leadership

Training Module: Strengthening Your Library Partnerships