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Coronavirus Resources

Connecting with Government


Driftwood Public Library (pop. 14,414) in Oregon has restructured its library website landing page to have a live update of coronavirus news at the local, state and national levels. Library staff has linked and archived to all city manager updates since the outbreak began and included updates on utility service provider payments and food assistance in multiple languages.

San Marcos Public Library (pop. 77,863) in Texas developed the “Stronger Together COVID-19 Resource Guide” with resources on food access and volunteer guides. Library staff reached out to local agencies in the city to check and share their current operating status, including homeless shelters, youth service organizations and other community organizations.

Santa Cruz Public Libraries (pop. 223,269) in California has developed a “Community Information Database” that serves as a directory of local resources, organizations and nonprofits in the community. In addition to featured agencies and a quick resource guide, the database includes contact information for food banks, senior resources and local health organizations.

Mesa Public Library (pop. 481,275) in Arizona is managing the MESA Cares Community Resource Call Center providing information and referrals to community services and support. Operating seven days a week, the phone line is maintained by librarians and other deployed city staff and provides information in both English and Spanish.

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County (pop. 802,374) in Ohio has aggregated a directory of government resources, sorted by type of agency and level of government, and by an alphabetized list of subjects.

Social Media

Saint Paul Public Library (pop. 304,442) in Minnesota maintains active Twitter updates on online library resources, but also has taken the extra step to embed tweets from partner organizations into their homepage to easily share information from many sources at a glance.

Information Sources

For libraries in the United States, the National League of Cities’ COVID-19 Local Action Tracker aggregates different local government responses and policies to the COVID-19 outbreak in cities.