Strategic partnerships

Engaging the CommunityLibraries build strategic relationships with community partners to maximize public access technology resources and services provided to the communityLearn more

Developing and using collaborative partnerships helps libraries extend their reach and facilitates the provision of public access technologies to the greatest number of people. By strategically leveraging these relationships, libraries become vital technology assets to their communities. 

5.1The library develops and maintains partnerships that amplify the library’s reach, avoid duplication of effort, aid the library in planning or advocacy, or are otherwise mutually beneficial.

The library has strategies for strengthening existing partnerships and developing new partnerships to advance digital inclusion and innovation goals

The library engages in resource-sharing partnerships benefitting the library (with expertise, in-kind contributions, programming, or workspace) with some/all of the following:

A workforce development organization
A local government or social service organization
An educational organization (K-12, community college, university)
A local health & wellness organization, hospital, or other healthcare provider
Devices or space are loaned to community organizations for technology-related training classes in the library
Mobile training equipment is maintained to support library-sponsored technology training located in partner facilities
The library collaborates on grant or other funding opportunities with a community organization

5.2The library engages in technology outreach activities.

A list of community organizations is maintained to help distribute materials about library technology services
A list of community organizations that offer technology services and resources is maintained to easily refer community members in the event additional services are needed
The library tracks emerging technology trends and applications in the community (e.g., new eGovernment portals, community technology centers, technology programs, etc.)
The library maintains a plan to provide technology services to the community in the event of a disaster or other emergency