The Benefits of Participation

How will public libraries benefit from participating in Edge?

There is value in using the Edge Benchmarks to assess and improve your library. Your Edge results will provide a snapshot of the library’s current public technology services with steps for improvements. Edge Libraries gain vital, customized tools to work more closely with your local leaders to address community issues.

There are three key benefits for participating:

1. Assess the use of public access technology

Your library will gain a better understanding of how public access technology is currently being used in the library and where your services are in relation to national best practices with libraries like yours.

2. Identify specific ways to strengthen or enhance public access technology

The Edge Benchmarks provide libraries with a system to assess and understand best practices for public access technology services. They also identify ways to improve technology services in three key areas:

  • Community Value: specific programs, services and support that enable people to get value from their use of technology
  • Engaging the Community and Decision Makers: external practices that connect the library to the community
  • Organizational Management: internal management and infrastructure

3. Engage with key leaders about the role for the public library in improving communities

After completing the Edge Assessment, libraries will receive recommendations, scalable tools, and resources that enable library leaders to make informed decisions about the services that will contribute to achieving community priorities, and demonstrate the value of the library in meeting the needs of its constituents. Edge offers libraries a roadmap to continuous growth and development of their public access technology. It also supports libraries in making strategic decisions and identifying areas for improvement.

By using this management and leadership tool, libraries are better able to demonstrate how their work adds value and impacts the community. The Edge Toolkit offers libraries a look into their data – from operations to partnerships and programming – to assess how their community is using technology and how best practices can be put into place to align future growth and services with community priorities.

You can read some Edge success stories here.

“We used Edge to help position the library with our leaders because we were able to share meaningful scientific metrics. The conversations and dialogue we are able to have using a professional product really helped us tell our story even more powerfully.”

Dionne Mack,Director of Libraries, El Paso Public Library, El Paso, TX