Edge is a nationally recognized management and leadership tool that is helping libraries and local governments work together to achieve community goals. With this professional tool, libraries can be better positioned to address community issues - like creating a stronger economy, ensuring workforce development and leading lifelong learning. Read more >>

The Value of Edge

From a Local Government Official

"The Skokie Public Library is very proud to participate in the Edge Initiative and advancing the concept of technology in lifelong learning.

I think it’s critical that local governments use benchmarking tools to gauge how they compare to other communities. Our police, fire, and public works departments have all had assessments done. I think that is the only way a department moves forward is by critically self-assessing their programs and then learning from others in their industry. Libraries are no different. Library science can be advanced by this assessment program, the Edge Initiative. And, Edge helps libraries learn from each other in terms of best practices."

Al Rigoni, (Former) Village Manager
Village of Skokie, IL

Library Leaders Have So Much To Say About Edge

"The Edge benchmarks/indicators will save public libraries, if public libraries use the tools in ways that convince our community leaders and patrons that public libraries are:

  • More than books and print materials,
  • Leaders for community digital literacy training,
  • Places for job seekers/entrepreneurs,
  • For access to government and legal information,
  • For  lifelong education,
  • For health and wellness information,
  • For the creation of new content,
  • Sites that recognize/serve people with disabilities/unique needs, and
  • Critical, trusted institutions that provide unparalleled support for an improved quality of life by harnessing technology to fulfill community wants and needs."                
    Margaret Danziger, Toledo-Lucas County Library


"Edge helps us convince the leaders on our Board and in our community that we need additional financial resources. It adds another nationally recognized, thoughtful assessment and Edge is proving what we’ve been saying all along, but didn’t have the evidence to back up: public libraries play an important role in access to technology.”

Karen Danczak Lyons, Director, Evanston Public Library (IL)


December 17, 2013
The Edge Initiative toolkit helps libraries assess how their community is using library technology, identifying...