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The Value of Edge

Edge Leads to Improved Connectivity and Digital Services for Calaveras County Library 

The communities served by Calaveras County Library have a rich history, including deep ties to the California Gold Rush and the setting for “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”, Mark Twain’s first successful short story. In fact, the notoriety of the short story is still celebrated each year with a county-wide frog jump at the county fair.

Now serving seven communities and San Andreas, the county seat of Calaveras County, the library celebrates its past but continues improving to better serve its community. As its mission states, “Calaveras Libraries are committed to providing the access of information to our residents. Through information comes education”. 

How does a library provide access to information that results in education? If you ask Nancy Giddens, County Librarian for Calaveras County Library, she would tell you it begins with Edge.


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Edge Library Profiles Showcase the Value to Libraries of All Sizes

Are you an Edge library? You've completed the Edge assessment and you're not sure what to do next. Or, are you interested in participating and want to learn how other libraries have benefited from the Edge Initiative?

Read about Edge libraries of all sizes across the U.S. Edge library profiles show how library leaders have used Edge to enhance and improve the technology services for their communities. From guiding the planning of Oklahoma’s Pioneer Library System, to expanding technology services at the Mifflin County Library in Pennsylvania, to enhancing resources at the tiny Tonkawa Public Library in rural Oklahoma, Edge can help every library improve services inside and out. Click here to read the Edge library profiles.

Also, view the theory of change to learn how Edge will help improve the quality of life for your community.

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"Edge helps us convince the leaders on our Board and in our community that we need additional financial resources. It adds another nationally recognized, thoughtful assessment and Edge is proving what we’ve been saying all along, but didn’t have the evidence to back up: public libraries play an important role in access to technology.”

Karen Danczak Lyons, Director, Evanston Public Library (IL)